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Nope,” he said, his eyes twinkling as he slapped the cup back on top of the thermos. ” He smiled and walked away, and I headed down the hill to interview the woman who’d reported the murder. As it turned out, she wasn’t much help. She seemed to be the local busybody, but she was elderly with failing eyesight, and she was convinced she’d seen a real demon, not someone dressed up as one. Weirdly, the idea seemed to thrill rather than scare her. When I got back to my car, I switched on the onboard and typed in the partial plate number, requesting a search for gray Toyotas with those letters.

I never heard it smash against the rocks. Perhaps the ghostly fingers of a bay-colored man caught it long before it could. I took another deep, shuddering breath, then swiped at the tears on my cheeks and added, “Good-bye, Kade. I hope we can meet again on the other side. ” The sun chose that moment to break over the top of the mountains, streaming golden fingers of light across the shadows and almost instantly warming the chill from the air and my skin. If it was a sign from Kade, then it was appreciated.

A quick glance in the mirror didn’t reveal a familiar red shadow, but I cut across to the Boundary Road exit anyway, only slowing once I’d swung left—tires squealing—onto Fairbairn Road. No red car. I was safe. I blew out a relieved breath and was surprised to discover that my hands were shaking again. I flexed my fingers against the steering wheel and wondered briefly if Kye’s warning was nothing more than a way to get at me from the grave. He might not have thought he’d die—especially at my hands—but he knew enough about my relationship with Blake to understand just what his warning would do to me.

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