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Organize yourselves and your characters.... the following come extra monsters, this time from the Greyhawk crusade environment! those sixty four pages are choked with beasties and creatures, from aspis to zygon-and every thing in-between! Crystalmist dragons (yes, there are more-four extra, to be precise), and lots of lethal vegetation watch for access into your crusade. As continually, those monster descriptions are prepared on separate pages, able to be included into your enormous Compendium binder.

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Any needle that fails to penetrate its target is reeled in and is ready to be fired again by the beginning of the next melee round. Once a target is dead, the plant reels in the needles from that target and readies them to fire at any other victim that presents itself. The plant becomes satiated after draining 50 hit points. When it reaches satia- habitat/society Creatures of the Bright Desert, vampire cacti evolved their blood-draining ability to help meet their water needs. Other adaptations to life in the deep desert include the dusty-lookingsurface of their leaves (to help slow down evaporation), the single small bloom (to minimize water loss), and a conductive root system (vampire cacti are often the tallest objects around, and hence frequently struck by desert lightning).

Its mouth is wider than a lizard man's, however, and is filled with sharp, rending teeth. Its forelimbs, though slimmer and weaker, bear long and hideously sharp claws. Ingundi skin color ranges from a light green on the back to a pale yellow on the creature's belly. Its small eyes are yellow with large black pupils. The ingundi wears no clothes or ornaments of any kind. Ingundi have no language, but they communicate telepathi: The ingundi rarely appears in its true form. It has a form of ESP, a welldeveloped change self power, and typically appears as some other, more innocuous,creature.

Whichever method is used, the monster requires the complete skeleton of a giant snake (either poisonous or constrictor) slain within 24 hours of the enchantment's commencement. The construction takes 500 gold pieces worth of herbs and ointments per hit point of the necrophidius; and ten days are required. " The necrophidius has a reasonable intelligence, and does not seek to twist the intent of its maker, but its enchantments fade when its task is done or cannot be completed, for example, when it kills Ragnar, or when the owner decides to use the Scepter of Trystom.

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