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<center>Case Featured On 20/20

Anti-Freeze For A Husband</center>

It seemed like a suicide. A man's corpse at the rest room floor--next to a half-empty glass of anti-freeze. yet fingerprints at the glass belonged to the deceased's spouse, Stacey Castor. And a turkey baster within the rubbish had police brooding about if she force-fed the poisonous fluid down her husband's throat.

<center>Pills For A Daughter</center>

In desperation, Stacey concocted a devious plan. She combined a dangerous cocktail of vodka and drugs, then served it to her twenty-year-old daughter Ashley. The experts may locate Ashley with a suicide be aware, confessing to the anti-freeze homicide. yet Stacey's plan backfired--because Ashley refused to die. . .

<center>A Killer For A Mother</center>

Charged with murdering her moment husband--and trying to kill her oldest daughter--Stacey Castor sparked a media...

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In the corner of the bathroom, positioned at the right foot of someone sitting on the john, and now a silent witness to the happenings that preceded David Castor’s death, was another pink flamingo, identical to the one on the front stoop. A search under the victim’s bed produced a loaded shotgun. As the investigators and crime lab personnel did their jobs, Willoughby was told to search the kitchen, and he set about his task methodically. Upon first glance, he felt that nothing seemed amiss. There was a teakettle and some pots and pans atop the stove.

Not even close. Death on TV was stylized, the creative manifestation of an art director’s vision. Scenes were lit indirectly, sometimes with multihued fluorescents, so it looked like maybe the corpse died in a spaceship, and on the sound track, a techno band thumped its most hypnotic groove. Real crime scenes were grubby, and without sound. A corpse’s inanimation was overwhelming, even amidst chaos, and a lifeless human form radiated quiet and super stillness. And this was a grubby scene. Spinelli studied it, first in person, and later via the crime scene photography.

He picked up a strong scent of alcohol, but he couldn’t be more specific. Maybe it was brandy. Maybe antifreeze. Couldn’t tell. The sergeant looked around the kitchen and deeper in the trash basket for signs of food. Had the dead man been eating during the days and hours leading up to his death? Men who were drinking themselves to death didn’t eat. He saw no evidence of food or food preparation. Brandy and antifreeze were alone on the menu. Willoughby was surprised when he learned a loaded shotgun had been discovered underneath the victim’s bed.

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