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By Norbert Krause, A. Stephen K. Hashmi

Using allenes, hydrocarbons within which one atom of carbon is hooked up through double bonds with different atoms of carbon, has over the last two decades develop into an increasing number of well known in natural chemistry, even getting used in fields resembling metal-catalyzed reactions the place their use was once formerly tough due do selectivity difficulties. This monograph, edited by way of Krause (Organic Chemistry II, U. of Dortmund, Germany) and Hashmi (Institute of natural Chemistry, U. of Stuttgart, Germany), reports the learn on allenes over the last couple many years, taking the literature as much as 2004 into consideration. they've got divided the two-volume textual content into sections facing synthesis of allenes, overlaying isomerization reactions, metal-mediated synthesis, transition metal-catalyzed synthesis, and enantoselective synthesis; detailed periods of allenes, together with allenic hydrocarbons, cyclic allenes as much as 7-membered jewelry, acceptor- and donor-substituted allenes, and allenylmetal compounds; reactions of allenes, facing ionic additions, unfastened radical addition, cycloadditions, cyclization, transition metal-catalyzed cross-couplings and cycloisomerizations, and oxidation; and, ultimately, purposes akin to allenic common items and prescription drugs, allenes in traditional product synthesis, and enyne-allenes.

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