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By Séverine Gac, Albert Berg

The explosion within the past due twentieth century of the sphere of analytical chemistry and especially for organic reasons has ended in a necessity for quick, built-in, moveable, extra trustworthy and extra delicate instruments that may deal with diminished volume of samples. Microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip units supply a very good resolution to this quest to miniaturized and more advantageous research and so they lend themselves good to mass spectrometric detection as related quantities of samples within the low microliter variety are dealt with on a chip and required for a unmarried MS research.

Miniaturization and Mass Spectrometry illustrates this development and specializes in one specific research method, mass spectrometry whose reputation has "dramatically" elevated within the final twenty years with the explosion of the sector of organic research and the advance of 2 "soft" ionization strategies, ESI and MALDI which allow the research of huge yet fragile molecules, equivalent to organic molecules (DNA, proteins, oligosaccharides).

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