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By Kim Philip Hansen

In line with wide in-depth interviews with greater than thirty lively responsibility chaplains concerning their successes, disasters and conflicts, the e-book is set the best way army chaplains deal with non secular variety one of the enlisted they serve and inside of their very own corps.

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In practice, the military’s active support for its chaplaincies demonstrates that the religio-political problem isn’t believed to be a severe one. Why don’t military leaders seem to fear prophetic criticism from their chaplains? How can the military be sure that when push comes to shove and then to war, religion in general and chaplains in particular will benefit the military and its missions? Military Chaplains and Their Work 31 Even if chaplains have misgivings about what the military does as private citizens or as clergy, as officers they are not in a position to offer criticism.

Conveniently for the military, civil religion is denominationally and even religiously neutral. A Muslim chaplain presented me with an Islamic basis for it. He explained that the Koran teaches the “unity of humanity,” because of common descent from Adam and Eve, and also favors “strength through diversity,” because of a verse in which God says he has “scattered you into nations, tribes, and communities, [so] that you recognize each other” and then compete in virtue. He then continued, Now, when I look at America, I see that America on a micro level is what the Almighty intended the world to be, based on this verse.

In Iraq, a community was enraged after marines killed two children. Their chaplain was able to explain to them that the deaths had been accidental and that the fault lay with forces loyal to Saddam Hussein, who had used the children as shields. Chaplain Adams went beyond explanation and showed his solidarity with the bereaved Iraqis by helping dig the children’s graves and then respectfully observing their burial. 50 In order to win hearts and minds in the war on terror, relations with Muslim communities are especially important.

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