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He gave as well as he took. Micah grabbed him by the hips and molded their bodies together. They both moaned as their hard cocks pushed together through their pants. Riley wrapped his hands around Micah’s neck, one hand tangling in his hair. Micah never wanted this kiss to end. He could spend the rest of his life kissing his mate. Oh, he could kiss like no one Micah ever met before. Riley didn’t simply kiss, he devoured, stealing every last breath from Micah’s lungs. Micah could live on Riley’s kisses all day long.

Micah 43 “Well then, you should be able to always keep my Riley safe,” Gram said before her expression turned sharp. ” Riley exclaimed. He’d never heard his grandmother talk like that in all the years he’d known her, and that was a lot of years. He was shocked. “Fair enough,” Micah replied with a huge grin. ” “Good. Now that we got that out of the way, why don’t you boys sit down and have some cookies? I want to hear all about your meeting,” she said, gesturing to the small table in the kitchen.

He knew now he couldn’t live without him, and that scared the ever-loving shit out of him. ” Riley asked, still panting a bit. “Now we start packing,” Micah answered, tilting his head to give Riley a kiss on those plump lips. Micah 65 Chapter 5 Riley was impressed at how willing Micah was to help them move. He called Caleb over, asking him to bring boxes, and packed up anything Riley’s grandma told him to. Riley, on the other hand, went to his lab and packed up everything there. When the movers came to the hospital first, he was just finishing up.

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