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3 above. Memar M a r q a h : use of S a m a r i t a n P e n t a t e u c h a n d T a r g u m XXXV 37 R e t t i g pointed o u t "Die S p r a c h e M a r q a h s w i r d fur die Beurteilung des samaritanischen T a r g u m s iiberhaupt v o n W i c h t i g k e i t sein," a n d this m a y well be true, for the T a r g u m , if a n y authoritative t e x t w a s ever agreed upon, could h a r d l y antedate M a r q a h b y more t h a n a cen­ t u r y or perhaps t w o centuries. T h u s c o m p a r a t i v e w o r k in the field of M a r q a h a n d T a r g u m studies m i g h t well p r o v e rewarding.

40, no. 2 , M a r c h 1 9 5 8 . J . Macdonald: art. on " T h e S a m a r i t a n Doctrine of Moses," in Scottish Journal of Theology, V o l . 1 3 , no. 2 , J u n e , i 9 6 0 . R . J . F . T r o t t e r : Did the Samaritans of the Fourth Century know the Epistle to the Hebrews? L e e d s U n i v e r s i t y Oriental S o c i e t y , Monograph Series no. 1 , October, 1 9 6 1 . I t must be pointed out t h a t this w o r k is not intended to a n s w e r the m a n y problems in the field of Old T e s t a m e n t studies w h i c h arise out of Marqah's work.

2. T h e orthography, inconsistent to some e x t a n t in e v e r y M S con­ sulted, has been standardized throughout. T o this statement a quali­ fication must b e m a d e ; w h e r e the scribe uses E a s t e r n forms, as he often does, these h a v e been left untouched. F u r t h e r , w h e r e there is a genuine v a r i a n t such as the 2 n d person masc. plur. of v e r b s F i n a l 35 Ill op. cit. pp. 14 et seq. g. pDTiK a n d prvnK, pS'nn and prnn), no attempt has been m a d e to standardize.

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