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Meet Your variety, via the FontShop, may help you triumph over universal stumbling blocks, and maintain your center thumping to your one real love: typography.

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When things get really bad, remember your mother’s warning: you can’t change ’em. True love is unconditional. Love them the way they are. Instead of resorting to type distortion, consider using FONTSHOP’S TYPE NAVIGATOR. com DISTORTION: If you feel the urge to widen, shorten or outline your type –resist! Abuse is not the answer. Type designers have meticulously created the ideal proportions for each letterform. If the type isn’t working, never feel ashamed to get out of the relationship and find a different type that suits you better.

KERNING Adjusting the space between individual letters when awkward pauses come between them. LETTERSPACING The overall spacing between letters in a block of text, it is also known as tracking. Generally, the larger the type, the less letterspacing required. LEADING XOXOXOXOXOXXOX OXOXOXOXOXOX XOXOXOXXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXOXXOX0 Generally, larger type requires tighter kerning. UPTIGHT AND HARD TO READ XOXOXOXOXOXXOX OXOXOXOXOXOX XOXOXOXXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXOXXOX0 IT‘S GETTING AWKWARD XOXOXOXOXOXXOX OXOXOXOXOXOX XOXOXOXXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXOXXOX0 CORPULENT KERNING PLAYING TOO FAST AND LOOSE AHH, PERFECTION Lust Love COMPATIBLE CHARACTERS FF META PRO MEDIUM LETTERSPACING DELICATO BOLD l o n e l y healthy smother WE’RE DRIFTING APART LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT I NEED SOME SPACE LOVE ME AS I AM 032 type distortion The longer you’re with someone, the more flaws you notice.

Do it for the kids. FONT LICENSE ¡ Cold feet? Shack up first. Many type foundries offer a try-before-you-buy option. COM. I, (insert name), do take you, (insert typeface), to be my lawfully wedded font. To love, honor and cherish – and not pass around in class, post online, email to friends, siblings, or co-workers – from this day forward until death do us part. Amen. Congratulations! You’ve just committed to a single-user font license. Luckily, type foundries are open to polygamous relationships and will gladly license their fonts to multiple users.

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