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Hpp" mwArray A, b, tol, maxit, M, M1, M2, x0;// Input argument(s) mwArray flag, relres, iter, resvec; // Output argument(s) mwArray x; // Return value x x x x x x x x x x x = = = = = = = = = = = bicg(A,b); bicg(A,b,tol); bicg(A,b,tol,maxit); bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M); bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2); bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0); bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0); bicg(&flag,A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0); bicg(&flag,&relres,A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0); bicg(&flag,&relres,&iter,A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0); bicg(&flag,&relres,&iter,&resvec,A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0); MATLAB Syntax x = bicg(A,b) bicg(A,b,tol) bicg(A,b,tol,maxit) bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M) bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2) bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0) x = bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0) [x,flag] = bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0) [x,flag,relres] = bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0) [x,flag,relres,iter] = bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0) [x,flag,relres,iter,resvec] = bicg(A,b,tol,maxit,M1,M2,x0) See Also MATLAB bicg 39 Calling Conventions bicgstab Purpose C++ Prototype 0bicgstab BiConjugate Gradients Stabilized method mwArray bicgstab(const const const const const const const const const .

Note For information about the MATLAB C++ Math Library utility routines, see “Utility Routine Reference” on page -409. These routines appear in a separate alphabetical listing. hpp" mwArray Z, W, X; mwArray B, I, L; // Input argument(s) // Return value B = beta(Z,W); I = betainc(X,Z,W); L = betaln(Z,W); MATLAB Syntax B = beta(Z,W) I = betainc(X,Z,W) L = betaln(Z,W) See Also MATLAB beta, betainc, betaln 37 Calling Conventions bicg Purpose C++ Prototype 0bicg BiConjugate Gradients method mwArray bicg(const const const const const const const const const .

Const mwArray &in1, mwArray &in2=mwArray::DIN, mwArray &in3=mwArray::DIN, mwArray &in4=mwArray::DIN, mwArray &in5=mwArray::DIN, mwArray &in6=mwArray::DIN, mwArray &in7=mwArray::DIN, mwVarargin &in8=mwVarargin::DIN, mwArray &in9=mwArray::DIN, mwArray &in39=mwArray::DIN); mwArray bicgstab(mwArray *out1, mwArray *out2, mwArray *out3, mwArray *out4, const mwArray &in1, const mwArray &in2=mwArray::DIN, const mwArray &in3=mwArray::DIN, const mwArray &in4=mwArray::DIN, const mwArray &in5=mwArray::DIN, const mwArray &in6=mwArray::DIN, const mwArray &in7=mwArray::DIN, const mwVarargin &in8=mwVarargin::DIN, const mwArray &in9=mwArray::DIN, .

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