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Appropriate for these drawn to arithmetic and its mind teasers.

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U Fig. 5 Universal set Fig. 6 Sub set in a Venn diagram 51 i How do we represent equal sets on Venn diagrams? A circle in the rectangle is labelled with two or more letters (Fig. 7). Each letter stands for a set. The single circle shows that each set has exactly the same numbers. u Fig. 7 Equal sets What are Venn diagrams? Venn diagrams in mathematics are the diagrams representing the set or sets and the logical relationship between them. The method is named after the British logician John Venn (1834-1923).

Therefore sum will be A2. How would you use the table for finding the value of 12-D? First find the volume that begins with D. Next run your finger down this column until you come to 12. Then run your finger to the left along row to the first digit to find the answer 5. How would you find E8 — B6 with the help of the table? Hexadecimal subtraction E8 -B6 32 Meaning E sixteens+8 ones B sixteens+6 ones 3 sixteens +2 ones Decimal subtraction 232 -182 50 Subtract the ones using the fact 8-6=2. In the sixteens place, use E-B=3.

For example, number 1 expressed in binary system would be written as l t w o . What is a bicimal? In the binary system, a point separates numbers of 1 and above from numbers less than 1. In base 2, numbers less than 1 are called 'bicimals'. e. 2~>, 2"2, 2~3, 2~4. Can binary numeral system be used to transmit photographs from space? Yes. The photographs from space are transmitted as radio signals, representing the zeros and ones of the binary system. The digits are then converted by computer into an image consisting of a series of dots.

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