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By Frederick A. Johnsen

Initially nicknamed the Widow Maker and The Flying Prostitute (no seen technique of support--short, small wings) Martin plane Corps Marauder went directly to a truly profitable wrestle checklist in the course of WWII. This most recent variation to the WarbirdTech sequence comprises tech guide excerpts, manufacturing unit images and drawings, wrestle photographs, and wrestle money owed.

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But following some lowlevel sorties, including mast-top strikes against German shipping in the Mediterranean, enemy fire and fighters were too contentious. "s Another 319th Bomb Group pilot was quoted in the report: "I'm just as glad to get away from that low altitude bombing. I was once co-pilot on a sea sweep. We hit a convoy and lost one ship. We got hit and hard, lost one engine but got up to 8,000 feet and five miles from base ran out of gas. We landed her and had a flat tire. "9 Major Holzapple praised the Marauder for toughness.

19 The introduction of French units into MATAF was effective. According to an official MATAF history: "AII were operated along AAF or RAF lines, flying the same formations, following Allied RfT procedure, etc. " One MATAF official who observed French Marauder crews under the 42nd Wing readying for combat in March 1944 wrote to USAAF chief General Henry H. Arnold: "The French pilots aver- age more flying time and are older and more experienced than our pilots in the 42nd Wing. They are most enthusiastic about the B-26.

This action was for the benefit of the advancing Third Army, which wanted to use the bridges and have access to abandoned stores of German fuel as the logistics of supplying the Allies on the Continent could not always keep sufficient petroleum flowing at this stage of the war. 28 By August, Ninth Air Force B-26s were participating in rail interdiction sorties covering a wide area around Paris in an effort to inhibit German military movements. On 11 August 1944, out of 12th Air Force, Marauders joined with B-25s and P-47s to target German gun emplacements along the French and Italian Mediterranean coastlines west of Genoa.

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