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By Jobe Makar

This is often it! as regards to any query you'll ask approximately online game programming with actionscript in Flash is right here. beginning with a layout and math primer (for these folks who did not pay that a lot realization in math), this ebook covers gaming physics, tile-based worlds, isometric video games, first-class collision detection and pathfinding algorithims like A*, synthetic intelligence, developing pics, twiddling with sound, multiplayer video games (you'll need to make a decision which server is healthier for you), and quite a few pattern video games and tutorials to get you begun. i have not learn a extra thourogh paintings in this topic some time past five years. This ebook shouldn't be designed for the newbie, because the actionscript is kind of complicated and should require wisdom of the fundamentals. realizing your manner round Flash is key. The pattern code is fresh and extremely sincerely defined, and Mr. Makar's form of writing is particularly direct (and sometimes humorous). This e-book is a must have for any Flash developer's own library.

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Still lost? There is hope! To many people, math is a dry subject. It is understandable if, when you've finished this chapter, you feel like you have grasped only part of it. Everything will make more sense when you start to see the practical uses of the math you've seen here, and the concepts will become more solidified in your mind. It may make sense for you to reread parts of this chapter when you start to use trigonometry in your games. With the concepts and techniques in this chapter, you are adding practical skills to your programming You will find that these things will come in handy frequently.

Fla in the Chapter04 directory on the CD. In this file, I've affected a ball's velocity using faked gravity. I've also added a simple collision-detection trick so that the ball doesn't fall through the floor (we'll talk more about that in Chapters 5 and 6, "Collision Detection" and "Collision Reactions"). _y = 400; ymov *= -1; } } As you can see in line 5, gravity is used to change the ball's velocity in the same way that acceleration was used to do this. In lines 7 through 10 we check to see if the ball is below 400 (which is the height of the floor on the stage in this movie).

You may have already picked up on a visual problem in this case, though. The car is moving diagonally, but facing horizontally. fla. You will notice that, once more, there are two new lines of code just before the onEnterFrame event. _rotation = angle; In short, line 1 calculates the angle that the car should be rotated, and line 2 rotates the car. ), we know that we can use two sides of a triangle to find the angle made by the trajectory of the car with the x-axis. The key is to think about the horizontal and vertical sides of the triangle as the ones made by xmov and ymov, respectively.

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