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By Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

Frequently categorized "neo-Nazis" or "right-wing extremists," radical nationalists within the Nordic international locations have continually trusted track to voice their competition to immigration and multiculturalism. those actors shook political institutions all through Sweden, Denmark, and Norway throughout the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties through rallying round white energy track and skinhead lifestyle. yet even though nationalists as soon as embraced a name for crude chauvinism, they're now trying to reinvent themselves as upstanding and righteous, and they're utilizing song to do it. Lions of the North explores this change of anti-immigrant activism within the Nordic nations because it manifests in notion and sound. supplying a unprecedented ethnographic glimpse into debatable and secretive political pursuits, it investigates alterations within the song nationalists make and patronize, analyzing their confusing include of lite pop, folks song, even rap and reggae as makes an attempt to flee stereotypes and craft a brand new photo for themselves. Lions of the North not just exposes the dynamic dating among track and politics, but additionally the methods radical nationalism is adapting to achieve one of the most liberal societies within the world.

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All progress has come from the outside. (Dagens Nyheter, November 15, 2006) Nationalists from the 1990s and up to the present often cite quotes like these to argue that, though Sweden’s reigning political elite may disagree about taxes or healthcare, they are united in their contempt for and denial of the Swedish. Perceived non-╉recognition of difference, the ideological mechanisms that label it oppression, and the assumption that society might regard backlash as an act of justice underlie most agendas in the New Nationalism.

Historically, anthropologists in particular have gravitated toward the disenfranchised, the oppressed, or the marginalized (Kulick 2006), and acting in solidarity with such communities is often uncontroversial. But collaboration and advocacy lose their aura of righteousness as soon as scholars venture beyond the study of subjugated peoples. In my case, some might say that adopting 13 Introduction 13 standard ethnographic practice would be anything but ethical. Nationalists of all kinds pursue agendas that would harm or marginalize others, and their shared goal of homogenizing heterogeneous populations augurs spectacular acts of injustice.

I don’t get it. You have to ask yourself, is this the music, is this the culture, that is going to save Europe? (Interview, Mr. X, May 25, 2011) A confluence of factors contributed to the dramatic decline of skinheadism during the late 1990s and early 2000s. In Sweden as throughout Western Europe, this turn of events was perpetuated by the rise of online file-╉sharing and a corresponding drop in record sales; harsher enforcement of hate speech laws; the aging of the subculture’s core population; and activists’ realization that, for all skinheadism’s mobilizing power, it had yielded few concrete political achievements (see Dyck 2012; Lagerlöf 2012).

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