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By Paul McCarthy

This consultant charts the improvement of aggressive Scrabble in North the USA and the keep watch over of the sport exerted via Hasbro, Inc., the holder of the game's trademark. via greater than 100 interviews, the evolution of Scrabble from the hustler-populated video game rooms of latest York urban within the Nineteen Sixties, earlier than the prepared video game even existed, to the 2004 nationwide Championship, the place greater than 800 avid gamers vied for $89,000 in prize cash is exact. studying its origins, thoughts, alterations, and the company in the back of all of it, it is a finished glance at the back of the sport of Scrabble.

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Funk & Wagnalls had its problems. It was a real dictionary. To find some words a person had to know where to look. Take zoa, says Carol Felstein Vignet, who used Funk & Wagnalls in the mid 1970s when she was a word judge at the Brooklyn tournaments. “If you didn’t know that zoa was the plural of zoon,” says Vignet, “you wouldn’t find it,” because it was under zoon. Joe Leonard, of Philadelphia, says that wasn’t all.

Besides protecting the trademark, Houle saw his job as promoting the game. When he made a corporate accounting to the board of directors, one of the major things he pointed to, just as John Williams of the National Scrabble Association does today, is the number of Scrabble-related articles published in newspapers and magazines—free publicity. When he worked to enlarge the scgp membership, what he had as his goal was publicity, not building the organized game. His goal was 10,000 players, although his high point was 3900.

According to Polatnick, the onlookers sort of felt sorry for Ballard. There was the word pi in the middle of the board, though, and the assembled players’ jaws dropped as Ballard plunked down pistareen. Tiekert challenged, it was good, “and the crowd cheered,” says Polatnick. He also vividly remembers the first time he tangled with Tiekert. Tiekert opened with plaided. The word didn’t make sense to Polatnick, so he challenged. It was good. Loss of turn. Then Tiekert played liegeman through the e in plaided.

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