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By Greg Stolze

What do you get for the guy who wishes every little thing? How approximately his personal clandestine community of tricked-out magick-workers, cold-blooded psycho-killers, and that man you knew in 3rd grade who did trigonometry with frog's legs and regularly smelled like broccoli? Eccentric billionaire Alex Abel employed them, gave them new identities, and despatched them into the occult underground to fan the flames of difficulty. If hassle is your heart identify, the recent Inquisition desires YOU! This sourcebook through Unknown Armies co-creator Greg Stolze covers UA's greatest cabal like a snitch jacket: historical past, constitution, high-tech gear, magickal apparatus, pattern brokers, intelligence dossiers, secrets and techniques Alex Abel does not wish you to understand, and missions that may smear your face around the partitions of infinity when you usually are not smarter, harder, and more strange than the subsequent man. Psych up, punk, and prepare to get harmful.

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The pepper spray used by the New Inquisition is the same high-grade stuff used by cops and prison guards. In some states (even ones where private ownership of regular pepper spray is legal) it is against the law to own this grade of pepper spray unless you’re a law-enforcement official. The less-concentrated commercial versions of pepper spray work pretty much the same, except they only incapacitate for two rounds instead of three. UnKNOWn Wn ARMIES UnKNOWn Wn ARMIES • • • • • One One One One One box of 1,000 paper surgical facemasks.

This can serve to make conversations more efficient, or to keep secrets, or to reinforce their status as group insiders. Most commonly, however, groups develop slang because it sounds cool. 27 CHAPTER ONE Ace: An individual with A-Level clearance. Bed Shark: Someone (usually a woman) who uses sexual favors for power or influence. Bee: See “Drone” Boss: Someone with B-Level clearance. Cabbage Roll: Operating money. ” Deuce: Someone with D-Level clearance. ” Drone: A lower level member of an occult organization; a follower or a cultist.

Most are modified to run whisper-quiet, and have toggles so the interior light doesn’t always go on when the door is opened (a nice feature for surveillance vehicles). They’re nice cars but they don’t specifically change the rules; GMs should use their judgement when considering how these cars cope with ordinary hazards in car chases (see p. 86). A select few vehicles, however, have been outfitted with high-tech gadgetry. The effects of these doodads on the car chase rules are given in parentheses.

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