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On the other hand, the trill requires a tensed, controlled, and precise gesture in order to initiate passive vibration of the articulator by virtue of the Bernoulli eVect. The trill is not simply a sequence of taps; the two rhotics involve completely diVerent production mechanisms . . With regard to perception, . . cross-linguistically, taps tend to prefer intervocalic position and avoid word edges in order to maintain voicing and enhance perceptibility . . The tap’s brief closure duration is cued by the rapid transitions between its alveolar contact period and the adjacent vowels.

On the model of tableau (24), in the *Hold » *Fast dialects, the version [k@Ô. re], represented with a coda tap, would be preferred. 12 (24) carrer MAX /kaR Re/ k . re *! k . ɾe *! *HOLD/[σC_ *HOLD/V_V *FAST *HOLD * * * e e k ɾ. * k ɾ. re *! e e F k r. re e k r. ɾe * ** *! * e 12 Padgett (2003) oVers a phonetically and theoretically detailed account of Catalan rhotics and their distribution, in terms of Dispersion Theory, that builds on Bradley (2001). Padgett’s paper came to my attention too late to be reXected in the exposition here.

There is one set of words in which [·] is the norm in all regional varieties. This set consists of words such as those in (25a) in which [·] descends from Latin initial l- or intervocalic -ll-. (a) invariant /·/ lluna [ ·un@] ‘moon’ llegir [·@ Zi] ‘read’ cavall [k@ Ba·] ‘horse’ ella [ e·@] ‘she’ (b) /·/ $ /j/ all ‘garlic’ fulla ‘leaf’ tallar ‘cutV’ orella ‘ear’ ull ‘eye’ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ (25) Ñ 13 Some dialects in the north lack d-epenthesis, and have forms such as entenra` [@nt@n ra], valra` [b@l ra], in line with the morpheme-internal pattern of rhotic distribution seen in honra.

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