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By Tyler Knox

It's the mid-1950s, and Kockroach, completely content material together with his lifestyles infesting a fleabag resort off occasions sq., awakens to find that someway he is been reworked into, of all issues, a human. a sad flip of occasions, definite, yet cockroaches are amazing coping machines, so Kockroach copes. step-by-step, he learns the methods of man—how to stroll, how one can speak, and the way to put on a jaunty brown fedora. Led via his primitive wishes and insectile amorality, he navigates during the weird and wonderful human nation-states of crime, company, politics, and intercourse. Will he locate luck or be squashed flat from above? Will he switch humanity, or will humanity swap him?

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And all them maybes, they burst into bloom a few evenings after that first squeeze of my biceps when I left out from the library and, on my way home, stepped into an alley to pee. I thought I was safe in the alley, behind a pair a garbage cans, facing the brick back of a row house, in the dim glow of 28 • Ty le r K nox a bare yellow bulb, I thought I was safe. But in this world, when you’re the size I am and you’re alone, you are never safe. My knees are still bent slightly, my yard is still out, the stream is still hissing against the brick, when I hears a voice from behind me.

And bit by bit, as Hubert returned once and then again, she hid herself from the world, left her job at Klein’s lest the shame of it hit her there, and started her vigil in the apartment, alone with her sewing, waiting for Hubert to take over again, which he did and did and did and did, growing ever larger, growing ever more ravenous, until he swallowed her whole. I knows what it is to lose the meaning of things. I knows what it is to watch the world spin around in a tight helpless circle and get eaten by a nothing bigger than everything there ever was.

Mite, you scrawny half-pint,” comes a voice, soft and mocking. It was a lean, leather-jacketed joint-swinger name of Tab. Tab was one of those Joes what strutted around like Kockroach • 45 he was all man, a girl’s best friend, like he could rub the bacon with the best of them, yet he still was always trying to slip my yard out my pants and a fiver out my wallet. “I got something just for you, sweetheart,” he says. “It won’t protect your skull from Big Johnny, but I promise you’ll enjoy it. ” Running?

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