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By Talia Gryphon

Meet Gillian Key-a paramortal psychologist who can deal with the psychological misery of nonhumans. And she's a Marine designated Forces operative who can get actual with them whilst the location demands it. Gillian's worlds collide whilst she travels to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to information a dangerously appealing neighborhood grasp vampire-and turns into embroiled in a brewing turf struggle with the mythical Dracula.

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Gillian forced her smile to be overly bright. Getting involved with her patient’s brother wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done, but she didn’t know if she was going to survive the next few weeks. Having Tanis to take the edge off looked like it might be a good thing. Gold eyes roamed over her face. “Gillian, I have not made love to a woman in over a century. You can’t be serious! ” Gillian was incredulous. html She knew Tanis and Aleksei were four hundred years old. She was also a healthy woman with healthy needs and tended to measure sex by her own yardstick.

He could smell Tanis’s scent on her. Nosy, are we? “Yes, Aleksei. I am just absolutely terrific. ” There. That was honest. She swept into the house and locked the door so they both heard it. It wouldn’t have stopped either of them had they wanted inside—they both had been invited. All she had to count on was their honor. At the moment, it was the only safety she had. html Aleksei had checked out the area surrounding the house before the two returned, making sure that none of Dracula’s Vampires were about.

Tentatively she pressed further and he allowed it. Dropping his shields, Aleksei gave her complete access to whatever she wanted to see within his powerful mind. He wanted her to know beyond any doubt that he would never harm her, that he and Tanis were wholly and completely opposed to Dracula and his plans. Gillian unexpectedly shied away from going deeper, puzzling Aleksei a little. She had an inbred sense of what would make him uncomfortable and avoided it. Since she was in his thoughts, she knew there was nothing of portent about their situation that lurked in the shadows of Aleksei’s mind.

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