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Spelling in quarter-hour an afternoon makes studying spelling a breeze through proposing a small a part of a job one step at a time. This train in a ebook additionally comprises necessary reminiscence hooks and shortcuts that aid scholars hold what they are studying, and includes:A pretest to assist scholars ascertain the place to concentration their efforts, content material assessment, precise classes, and perform workouts modeled at the abilities confirmed via standardized exams, A post-test to bare development, thesaurus for topic particular vocabulary

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15. Children are considered minors until they turn 18. qxd:JSB 5/14/09 S 12:51 PM E Page 35 C T I O N 2 word parts and forms AT THEIR MOST basic, words are made up of letters: vowels and consonants that combine in a specific order to create a word. The way words are formed is far from random, however. Words have roots to which prefixes and suffixes are added to form the words that we use in daily life. These roots are common among many different words; learning the meaning of the roots, along with the meaning of the many prefixes and suffixes, can help you to more easily remember how to spell.

Qxd:JSB 5/14/09 12:51 PM Page 47 L E S S O N 6 prefixes The beginning is the most important part of the work. ) GREEK PHILOSOPHER AND FOUNDER OF THE ACADEMY IN ATHENS Prefixes are another important word part. They combine with roots and suffixes to form words. This lesson will explain what they are and how to understand their meanings. IN LESSON 5, we looked at roots and how they are the building blocks of words. A prefix is another word part; it is added in front of the root to create a word. Suffixes, which we’ll cover in Lesson 7, are added after the root.

If you can attach meaning to a word, you may find it easier to remember how to spell it. The homonyms covered in Lesson 24 and the confusing words covered in Lesson 26 will be easier to distinguish once you know their meanings. qxd:JSB 5/14/09 12:50 PM Page 31 word meanings 31 You might recall spending lots of time in grade school reviewing list after list of vocabulary words in preparation for your weekly spelling test. Although this thought may bring back bad memories, lists can help you learn what words mean.

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