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By Charlotte Brontë

This version is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a operating Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of Jane Eyre. This variation will be important if you want

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Suiting: 양복지, 복지. unsophisticated: 순진한, 단순한, 섞지 않은, 순수한, 진짜의, 섞인 것 없는, 순박한. worldly: 세속적인, 이 세상의, 세상의. ” “I will send her, then, as soon as possible, Mr. ” “No doubt, no doubt, madam; and now I wish you good morning. I shall return to Brocklehurst Hall in the course of a week or two: my good friend, the Archdeacon, will not permit me to leave him sooner. I shall send Miss Temple notice that she is to expect a new girl, so that there will he no difficulty about receiving her. ” “Good-bye, Mr. Brocklehurst; remember me to Mrs.

Tremble: 진동, 흔들리다, 조바심하다, 전율하다, 떨하다, 떨림, 전전긍긍하다, 전율, 떨다, 떨게 하다. unhoped-for: 바라지 않던. violently: 맹렬하게, 격렬히, 세차게, 심하게, 난폭하게, 폭력적으로. wicked: 심술궂은, 사악한, 나쁜, 버릇이 나쁜, 위험한, 장난이 심한, 불쾌한, 장난기 있는, 우수한. ” “I am not your dear; I cannot lie down: send me to school soon, Mrs. ” “I will indeed send her to school soon,” murmured Mrs. % I was left there alone—winner of the field. It was the hardest battle I had fought, and the first victory I had gained: I stood awhile on the rug, where Mr. Brocklehurst had stood, and I enjoyed my conqueror’s solitude.

Audible: 들리는, 들을 수 있는. beggarly: 거지 같은, 빈약한, 얼마 안되는, 비천한, 가난한, 초라한, 무일푼의, 인색한. emulation: 겨룸, 본뜸, 경쟁, 모방, 에뮬레이션. exceedingly: 대단히, 엄청나게, 매우, 굉장히. executed: 완성하는, 실행하는, 실시하는, 사형을 집행하는. genteel: 점잖은 체하는, 품위 있는, 우아한, 현대적인, 멋진, 예의바른, 지체 높은, 가문이 좋은. heroic: 실물보다 큰, 영웅시의, 웅대한, 과장된 표현, 용감한, 영웅적인, 장렬한, 용사의, 영웅의, 영웅사격, 영웅사. 하다, 주제넘게 나서다, 대담히도, 하다, 가정하다. rolling: 구르는, 굴리기, 회전. translate: 번역하다, 옮기다, 해석하다, 고쳐 만들다, 이동시키다, 이동하다, 헌 재료로 만들다, 헌 옷 등을 만들다, 헌 구두 만들다, 중계하다, 병진시키다. uneducated: 교육은 받지 못한, 무지한, 무교육의. % On that same occasion I learned, for the first time, from Miss Abbot’s communications to Bessie, that my father had been a poor clergyman; that my mother had married him against the wishes of her friends, who considered the match beneath her; that my grandfather Reed was so irritated at her disobedience, he cut her off without a shilling; that after my mother and father had been married a year, the latter caught the typhus fever while visiting among the poor of a large manufacturing town where his curacy was situated, and where that disease was then prevalent: that my mother took the infection from him, and both died within a month of each other.

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