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She was told black fares were not welcome. She waited a long time for the black cab. Rachel Robinson was angry and upset. She felt her little boy noticed her mood. In 1950 Branch Rickey, Jackie Robinson’s biggest supporter, left the Dodgers. Walter O’Malley replaced him. Robinson felt that O’Malley did not like him. 43 Robinson Book 9/17/07 12:08 PM Page 44 Still, 1950 was a good year for Robinson. He was awarded the George Washington Carver Institute’s Gold Medal for contributions to his race.

This shocked many people. People wanted a patriotic young black man to refute this idea. They turned to Jackie Robinson. He was asked to come to Washington and address the House Un-American Activities Committee. It was investigating communist, proSoviet activity in the United States. This committee believed that Robeson was pro-communist and that was why he made the shocking statement. Jackie Robinson respected Paul Robeson as a man who had fought long and hard against racial discrimination in the United States.

They yelled at the Philly players and called them yellow cowards. Dodger shortstop Pee Wee Reese, who was from Kentucky, stood out as a Robinson friend and ally. Jackie and Rachel Robinson loved the Brooklyn fans. They especially loved the elderly ladies who came faithfully to every game. They always cheered for Robinson. In June 1947 Robinson helped lift the Dodgers to first place. They won the pennant. September 22, 1947, was named Jackie Robinson Day in Ebbets Field. Robinson won the Rookie of the Year award.

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