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By Isaac Asimov, Ken Fisher

Large Quiz used to be initially a quiz ebook titled Isaac Asimov offers great Quiz through Ken Fisher, written in 1982. It was once later advertised as a online game and have become a syndicated newspaper quiz column.
Book through Isaac Asimov, Ken Fisher

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H. Lawrence 25. 28. William Faulkner 29. F. Scott Fitzgerald 30. Somerset Maugham LITERATURE 39 AUTHORS: NUMBER TWO Name the author of the book. Use the author's initials as a clue only you need help. AUTHOR AUTHOR'S INITIALS TITLE if Freshman Level 1. H. 1. 2. S. 2. S. 3. B. 4. 3. 4. 5. 6. J. 5. K. 6. Arthur Hailey Jacqueline Susann Sidney Sheldon Lauren Bacall John Jakes Stephen King James Michener Leon Uris 7. M. 7. 8. U. 8. 9. B. 10. C. H. 11. Taylor Caldwell 12. 10. S. 9. Graduate Level Men 12.

29. 30. She was raped by her husband's friend, Tarquin. She wins Bertram as her husband through a trick. This widow delivers a long curse near the beginning of the play. 28. Lucrece 29. Helena 30. Queen Margaret . 54 LITERATURE SHAKESPEARE Finish the line. Freshman Level 1. What But, soft! east, The and . mercy quality of . my . . call a rose A horse! 8. Good night, good night! parting is To die, to sleep; To sleep: perchance to dream: Lay on, Macduff, And damn'd be him that first If you prick us, do we 9.

He catches the biggest marlin ever brought into Havana. She dislikes Fitzwilliam Darcy because of his pride. He changes clothes with the Prince of Wales. He is the detached, moody owner of Manderley. As Augustus Caesar's wife, she poisons those who interfere with 21. 22. Esmeralda Winston Smith 23. Santiago 24. Elizabeth Bennet 25. Tom Canty 26. Maximillian de Winter 27. Livia her plans for power. 28. This schoolteacher 28. Ichabod 29. 29. 30. dreams of a marriage to Katrina. He relates how he was kidnapped and flown to Shangri-La.

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