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By William Anthony Hay, Harvey Sicherman


The overseas reaction to the assaults of Sept. 11 promised a brand new experience of cohesion among the USA and its eu allies, yet next disagreements over Iraq have made the Western alliance appear tentative at top. Is There nonetheless a West? seems to be past fresh occasions to place disagreements inside NATO into historic viewpoint, exploring how cultural, demographic, fiscal, and armed forces components because the Nineteen Forties have affected destiny clients for safety cooperation.
            As questions underlying the present rift persist, exclusive scholars—Stephen A. Schuker, Michael Radu, Jeremy Black, and others—consider even if that amassing of countries lengthy referred to as “the West” is still a legitimate build. Claiming that changes over Iraq aren't any more than prior conflicts over Suez, China, or different matters, they undertake a “realist” stance in diplomacy to provide an alternative choice to neoconservative and liberal viewpoints. They exhibit what the foremost issues—and nonissues—really are, and which between them are the real time bombs.
            those essays give some thought to a number correct themes, from the impression of globalization to rising alterations within the political cultures of North american citizens and Europeans to an research of headband concerns between Muslim immigrants. They quite deal with the implications of demographic shifts as Western nations try and take care of growing to be Muslim groups that current a safety and cultural problem. In providing attainable counterterrorism options to outline a shared Western safeguard coverage, this e-book considers even if a particular Western method of warfare actually exists and what it may well suggest for the alliance.
            those insightful essays glance past transatlantic lawsuits to probe underlying problems, discover assets of clash, investigate customers for monetary divergence, and suggest a potential protection coverage. jointly, they ask readers to contemplate even if “the West” continues to be an important strength in overseas affairs or no matter if we are facing a brand new international of competing states and transferring alliances. by means of addressing those demanding situations, Is There nonetheless a West? issues towards the improvement of powerful regulations to make sure the continuing solidarity of the West.

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In that sense, the revolutionary spirit of 1968 has become thoroughly routinized. 9 Despite the survival of genuine pockets of traditional religious affirmation throughout the continent, Europeans have for the most part attained a state of near perfect indifference toward the claims of revealed religion. The French political philosopher Pierre Manent suggests that a modernized form of Comte’s “religion of humanity” has for all intents and purposes become the common faith of post-1968 European democracy.

Too many commentators in France have applauded Foreign Minister de Villepin’s “diplomacy of the word” as a brilliant innovation in the world of diplomacy, a moral victory for international legal norms, and a blow to the Hobbesian self-assertion of the United States. But Baverez will have none of this. He demonstrates that President Chirac and Foreign Minister de Villepin have no legitimate claim to the mantle of Gaullism, that their “words of power without the means of power” leave France an isolated figure of ridicule.

An English translation of this work appeared in 2006 under the title A World beyond Politics? : Princeton University Press). indd 22 12/20/2006 1:32:27 PM Humanitarian Democracy and the Postpolitical Temptation / 23 political form, then Europeans will have to create a new political form that can give shape to the European desire to live within a single human association. Otherwise, Europeans must expect to encounter all the tragic consequences that accompany depoliticization—unless, that is, they are willing to rest content with their status as dependents within an informal American empire that they never cease denouncing.

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