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C. metals trade to the south when metallurgy in the Caucasus was a spectacular period of florescence experiencing and included the mass production of "Colchidean" tools and weapons (or "Koban") tin-bronze 1992: more extenAdditional, 275-95). (Chernykh sive excavations at Amagleba are clearly warranted and are indeed planned for the future. CONCLUSION Limited investigations are scheduled for 1994. Already excavated materials from Horom will be studied and prepared for publication, possibly in conjunction with minor work on the site, involving V A IV - IV- VI + TOPSOIL \ 4 STERILE SOIL LIGHTBROWN BROWN OF CARBON SOFTCHALKY BROWN PACKED REDDISH BROWN PACKED BRWNIV- PACKED LIGHT M BROWN FTTFF I V TRACES I - EB-A FLOOR II- EB-A FLOOR B III- CULTURALBREAK BAND OF SOFT ORANGE-BROWN SOIL 2M A V- BAND OF WHITE SOIL, POSSIBLE BREAK BETWEEN EB-A AND LB- A 1 DEPOSIT VI-ENDOFCULTURAL 0 from initial sounding at Amagleba,northof Akhalkalakion thenorthernperiphery Fig.

1975-85 = L. ) Ebla 1975-1985: Dieci anni di studi linguistici efilologici. Atti del convegnointernazionale(Napoli, 9-11 ottobre1985; Naples 1987); ElWb = W. Hinz and H. Koch, ElamischesWorterbuch(Berlin, 1987); Englund, Fischerei = R. K. Englund, Organisationund Verwaltungder Ur-IIIFischerei(Berlin, 1990); EO = R. Zadok, the Elamite Onomasticon(Naples, 1984); FAOS = FreiburgerAltorientalische Studien;FordeandFlaugher = N. W. Forde and W. R. Flaugher, Neo-Sumerian Textsfrom South Dakota University,Luther and Union Colleges(Lawrence, Kansas, 1987); Fs.

147: 248). W. , p. 374a) renders e/ilak as "your god" (cf. e. "your lord/Baal", from Tall Munbaqa, M. Dietrich, O. Loretz and W. Mayer, UF 21, 1989, p. , provided it is not short for a compound anthroponym like Bac(a)lkabar). Sollberger (TCS 1, p. The latter is described as name of Sarpanitu in Elam in a SB list (cf. EO, no 65), but this is a comparatively late source (after such anthroponyms seem to have been out of use). In addition, E-la-guwas in all probability a female deity like SarpTinitu whereas the E/Ilag/ku-containing anthroponyms are all mascu- ku-ru-ba; (5) E-lagu-(ru)-ub (see Gelb, MAD 3, p.

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