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A) Shield volcanoes of the central Snake River Plain north of Twin Falls. (B) Lacustrine sediments of the Glenns Ferry Formation near Mountain Home, overlain by plateau-forming Pleistocene basalts. W. Shervais et al. 5 350 300 250 60 50 40 30 400 350 300 250 200 150 10 9 8 7 6 5 MgO Figure 3. MgO variation diagrams for basalts of the central and western Snake River Plain; data from Cooke (1999), Matthews (2000), and unpublished results (Shervais). The tholeiitic basalts show extensive Fe and Ti enrichment not seen in the alkali series basalts, which are much higher in K.

Continue N for ~7 mi (11 km) where the highway enters Rattlesnake Creek canyon; park at the turnout on the right side of highway. 4 is shown in Figure 9B. 2′] The oldest volcanic rocks exposed in the Mountain Home area are rhyolite lava flows that form the Danskin Mountains and the Mount Bennett Hills. Clemens and Wood (1993) mapped the rhyolite here as the Danskin Mountains Rhyolite, and mapped rhyolite which is exposed farther east as the Mount Bennett Rhyolite. 5 Ma for plagioclase in a rhyolite from near Mount Bennett.

Bonneville flood effects in the Hagerman Valley are shown on Figure 4; all Day 1 stops are shown on Figure 5. On the way to Stop 1, we will drive by scour features and deposits created by the Bonneville Flood. The following paragraphs briefly describe some of the effects of the floodwaters (Fig. 4). About fifty years ago, geologists first recognized that giant gravel bars and stark erosional features common along the Snake River were caused by cataclysmic lowering of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville.

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