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By Christoph Bandelow

On January 30, 1975 Ernd Rubik j r. , professor of structure and layout in Budapest, used to be granted the Hungarian patent quantity 170062 for a "terbeli logikai jatek"-a video game of spatial common sense. among 1978 and March 1981 this object-Bt1vos Kocka in Hungary, der Magische Wiirfel or Zauberwiirfel in Germany, Ie dice Hongrois in France and the Magic dice or Rubik' s dice in nice Britain and the USA-has bought greater than ten million copies. they usually weren't purely offered! A hugely contagious "twist mania" has been spreading all through households, places of work and ready rooms. Many school rooms sound as though a military of mice have been not easy at paintings in the back of the desks. what's so attention-grabbing approximately this dice, which competes with Hungar­ ian salami and the recognized Tokajer wine within the currency-winning export marketplace? For something, it truly is an grand technical software. How does it paintings? additionally, the distinction among its blameless, harmless visual appeal and the hidden hassle of its answer bargains a significant problem to all puzzle fanatics, yet specifically to these mathematicians who're profeSSionally desirous about logical deduction.

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An (n E/N) is defined analogously: Al x ... xAn:={(ol,'" ,OnliOIEAI, ... ,onEAn}. The elements of this set, the "n-tuples" a = (a 1 , . . ,an), can be thought of as functions of the n-element set {I, ... ,n} into the set A1 U ... U An with ia E Ai for i = 1, ... ,n, were ai stands for ia, that is for the image element of the argument i under the function a. The formula mentioned above for the number of elements of the Cartesian product of two finite sets A 1 and A2 holds similarly for n finite sets (n EIN): IAI X ...

B2 . RM"R'(8) FIGURE 1. Four possible isolated 3-cycles with the same edge cubies in the same cyclical order of succession notation for these comer-3-cycles are to be found in the "maneuverindex" under m 100-m 108' However, a maneuver generally sets not only one, but several cycles into motion, which are simply written down side by side. A few easy examples: u ~ (uf, MR ~ ul, ub, ur) (uf/, ulb, ubr, urj), (f, u, b, d) (Ju, ub, bd, df). Figure 3 gives a few examples that are less trivial. They all show operations consisting of two 2-cycles ("transpositions") with "strictly fixed orientation" (meaning here: up remains up).

J in the edge cubicle ja (j = 1, ... , 12). In order to describe the orientation of the comer and edge cubies, we mark at each of the 8 comers and at each of the 12 edges of the cube one of the three resp. i. shown in figure 1 above. We do not mark the cubies but the 39 fictitious outer skin of the cube, in other words, we mark one of the three, respectively two outer faces of each cubicle. In addition, we number the three colored faces of each comer cubie clockwise by 0, 1 and 2, and the two colored faces of each edge cubie by 0 and 1, with each 0 lying in the start position beneath the arc or line marking of the corresponding cubicle, d.

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