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Chemicals produced Sucking mouth tube of insect’s body by insects to affect moths and butterflies. between the head the behavior of others To direct or plot in the same species. and the abdomen. Pupa An insect at the Virus Poison immobile non-feeding Any of a group Nectar Any substance that stage of development of submicroscopic A sugary liquid can impare function between larva and entities capable secreted in flowers. or otherwise injure adult, where many of replication the body. internal changes occur.

3 cm) wide. These bags are made from silk with fragments of leaves, twigs, bark and sometimes even snail shells woven into them. The caterpillars retreat inside the bags, which are visible in the trees. FACT BYTES SWAMP MONSTERS The three lifestages of the bagworm moth. Mosquitoes thrive in swamps. They like to live in dark wet areas, close to water where they can lay their eggs and where there are plenty of plants for them to suck dry. Swamps provide excellent homes for many aquatic insects. 41 HOUSE OF HORRORS So far you may think that most of the insects you’ve read about are simply too far away to worry about… well don’t forget that some insects are just as happy living in your home as you are!

What is a “compound” eye Insects have two types of eyes. “Simple” eyes simply help the insect tell the difference between light and dark. “Compound” eyes are made up of thousands of lenses, and scientists believe that insects see things in a “mosaic” kind of picture. Although these eyes, unlike those of humans, are fixed in one place, the lenses allow insects to get a great picture of what’s around them and can detect the slightest movement very easily. What kind of eyes does a wasp have Like many insects, wasps have simple eyes and compound eyes.

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