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By Paul Sloane

Strengthen lateral considering abilities and enhance mind energy. The aim is to discover a logical cause of what seems to be an illogical state of affairs. Do the puzzles with a chum, taking turns being puzzle setter and solver. through asking yes-or-no questions the solver makes an attempt to discover the answer inside 20 mins. one in every of "The Year's top puzzle books."--Games international of Puzzles. ninety six pages, five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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Points . ... A man was very relieved one day to reach a building and go inside. It was a place he normally disliked. There was no one there to meet him, and there was nothing for him to do there. Why was he so pleased? Clue: 62lAnswer: 91. The · ... Forgery . . . . . .. .. .. - . - . - ... points ..... A historical researcher was presented with a document purported to be an authentic mid-eighteenth-century bill signed by the King of England. How did he know at once that it was a forgery?

The Courtier ·. . .... ... . . ...... .. points . ... King Alfonso XIII of Spain (1886-1931) apparently employed a man at court with just one specific function in relation to music. What was that function? Clue: 63lAnswer: 87. · . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. . .. ·. .... .. WALLY . . .. . Test . . . II. .. . . . ... Now for another WALLY test. Get a pencil and paper and give your best answers to the following questions. You have two minutes! 1. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

3. points .. . Two men were asked by their king to carry out a certain task. They did this entirely to his satisfaction and went to him seeking their just reward. However, the king decreed instead that they both be severely punished. Why did he do this? C£ltEtJ1 jot~ 1l\AtJ~ ~DU ~ ... O~) J\)~1 oJJ( /t\cRE- f~I~(;, CoULl> YoU fu~ '-~T Bu\toN FoR M£ ? Clue: 64lAnswer: 91. 40 The .. . Nonchalant .. . . .. . . Wife . . . . .. . . . . 3. points . . A woman came home one evening and switched on the ligh t in her living room.

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