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By Saxton Pope

This vintage unique published in 1923, tells the story of the writer and his associates who took up searching deer with the bow and arrow within the overdue teen's and went directly to harvest Cougar, Black undergo, Dall Sheep, Moose, Grizzly undergo, and Kodiak endure with their simple home made wood bows and arrows. Dr. Pope informs you the way to make your individual take on too. This treatise at once and not directly encouraged the hundreds of thousands and now hundreds of thousands of sportsmen to absorb looking with the bow and arrow. it's considered as the bible of recent bowhunting. This version is the 1st paperback of this name in 26 years. This very important name has no longer been on hand in any shape for 7 years.

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Our average bows pull seventy-five pounds. Though it is possible for some of us to shoot an eighty-five pound bow, such a weapon is not under proper control for constant use. Some pieces of yew will make a stronger bow at given dimensions than others. The finer the grain and the greater the specific gravity, the more resilient and active the wood, and stronger the bow. Taking a yew stave having a dark red color and a layer of white sap wood about a quarter of an inch thick, covered with a thin maroon-colored bark, let us make a bow.

It is too brash; but after the first month of shade, the staves may be put in a hot attic to their advantage. In selecting the portion of the tree best suited for a bow, choose that part that when cut will cause the stave to bend backward toward the bark. " If it is impossible to get a stave six feet in length, then a wide stave three and a half feet long may be used. It is necessary in this case to split it and join the two pieces with a fishtail splice in the handle. Target bows are made this way, to advantage, but such a makeshift is to be deprecated in a hunting bow.

There is no such thing as a perfect piece of yew, nor is there a perfect bow; at least, I have never seen it. But there is a bow in every yew tree if we but know how to get it out. That is the mystery of bowmaking. It takes an artist, not an artisan. Before one ever fells a tree, he should weigh the moral right to do so. But yew trees are a gift from the gods, and grown only for bows. If you are sure you see one good bow in a tree, cut it. Having felled it and marked with your eye the best stave, cut it again so that your stave is seven feet long.

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