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Shiloh has once again delivered a spectacular mystery romance paranormal. ” —Bitten By Books “This is a terrific Hunters romantic fantasy starring two intriguing protagonists . . Fast paced from the onset . . ” —Night Owl Romance “Scorching hot . . Everything about Hunter’s Salvation was mind-blowing . . ” —Romance Junkies “One of the best . . ” —Midwest Book Review HUNTERS: HEART AND SOUL “Some of the best erotic romantic fantasies on the market. ” —The Best Reviews HUNTING THE HUNTER “Action, sex, savvy writing, and characters with larger-than-life personalities that you will not soon forget are where Ms.

Adrenaline surged through her and she spun around, running through the trees. The very night had fallen silent—too silent. The forest was never this still. A voice rasped through her head and she heard him speak even though he was far away. Run, Nessa. Do not come back here, Elias said in her mind. Elias had no magic, no power, nothing save the bond their love gave him. But he knew that if he spoke out to her, she would hear him. And likely, he knew she would not listen. The anger and fear in his voice added to her own fear, but it spurred the part inside her that made her warrior as well as witch.

I will find you again . . Only God Himself could keep me from you, love. And God Himself had spent the last five centuries doing just that. Nessa couldn’t watch this damn film without reliving her memories. A time when she was torn away from her husband. Not by pissed off Natives, but by death. By God. He had taken her lover from her, and had kept her from joining him. She was alone, and empty. So empty inside. Not even her dream lover could ease that ache. At least not for long. She blew out a sigh and used an elastic band to keep Mei-Lin’s braid from unraveling.

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