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By Jeffrey Adams

A quick advisor to fixing the four x four Rubik's Revenge puzzle.

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Find a blue center-cube on some face other than the Front face. 50 There are two possibilities: i. It is on the U, R, D or L face. X Rotate the Front face to put any non-blue center-cube in the upper right-hand slot of the Front face. ) Apply ['f'Rfr'to bring the desired blue center-cu e to the Front face. Rotate first the Front face and then the Right face to undo what you did a moment ago, thus restoring all corners and edges to their solved positions. It is easy to figure out how to do this by looking at the corners and @ = edges, and by remembering to move the Front Ao face first.

Of course you must be more careful in getting the first few corners in place. iii) since you are concerned about the edges. In effect, Basic Move 1O-does just apply U and then fixes the edges. As noted, following it with the inverse of Basic Move 2 achieves the exchange of two corners. 59 More Useful Moves Now that you have mastered the Basic Moves and know how to use them to solve the Supercube, you may want to learn some more processes. Some may be used to speed up solving the Supercube. Others are more specialized, and are useful for making patterns.

Apply L' to return the cube to its previous position. That is, apply L[move W or move W']L'. All corners are now completely solved. Go to step II. C. Remaining corners, orientation III L OR 31 STEP I1 EM g a SOLVE THE EDGES All corners are now solved and you have come to the only difficult step:solving the edges. Here this is done in essentially the same manner as on a 3 x 3 x 3 cube. On an ordinary cube you only need one process (a commutator): F'UFU', which moves three edges. On the Supercube F'UFU' looks the same, with pairs of edges glued together.

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