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By Daniel Frenkler, Henryk Zawistowski

The expertise of scorching runners in plastic moulds is changing into extra customary, and this has been observed by way of a rise within the diversity of sizzling runner platforms on hand. the purpose of this ebook is to provide an target view of the subject in keeping with own event. It introduces a logical department of scorching runner structures, illustrates the layout of nozzles, manifolds and different approach elements, discusses the foundations of choice, development, set up and use, analyses the motives of faults and indicates methods of taking away them, and provides examples of purposes.

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These products may be moulded either from the front or from the side. Three possible planned production volumes are considered: 1,500,000, 3,000,000 or 6,000,000 pieces over a 3-year period. 005 E No. 7 - Kf Kp Mould cost Production cost Cost reduction 32 £/piece % Conditions for use of Hot Runners The following assumptions are made for the calculation: • the personnel costs with HR mould production are lower, since their automation is easier • HR control equipment depreciation is incorporated into the machine cost • waste recycling is not applicable to this production.

Work in this field is covered by confidentiality clauses, just as company’s achievements in design, processes employed, equipment, and so on, should be. Production data The next factors that must be considered in deciding not only whether to use HR, but also in the subsequent choice of the optimum system, are: • Definition of the detailed range, for example use of thin-walled pots with precise orders of magnitude; • Production quantity - monthly, annually, overall; • Type of plastic and introduction of additives to determine its processing conditions; • Frequency of colour changes in relation to supply batches.

Intensive cooling of the gate zone on the mould side and restriction of the heat flow from the nozzle heating zone side. This enables the cycle time to be shortened. , for PA 66, ΔT = 285 - 255 = 30 °C. If premature solidification is to be avoided, they require a high gate temperature to be maintained. , for PC ΔT = 300 - 220 = 80 °C, and for PP ΔT = 90 °C. These plastics require a raised gate temperature. In view of the speed with which the plastic solidifies in the gate, from now on quicksetting crystalline plastics (such as POM or PA 6), will be distinguished from slow-setting plastics (such as PE or PP).

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