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For starting and beginner gamers who are looking to play and win at Texas hold'em'95% of the card-playing market'this is the best antidote. The booklet is designed for these avid gamers who are looking to study 'right now' and revel in immediate good fortune on the tables. Fifty quickly sections specialize in key successful recommendations, making studying either effortless and quickly.

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O n top of that, television likes to show the craziest hands. Going all-in with J-6 isn't such a great idea, even if you've seen Gus Hansen try it on the World Poker Tour. By all means, learn what you can from the professionals on television, but understand you're seeing only the tip of the proverbial poker iceberg. 63 I Pondering Pocket Jacks Many Texas hold'em players hate getting dealt two jacks because they feel they're unlucky with them. Well, chances are, it isn't that they're unlucky with these cards.

For the advanced player, I'd recommend raising to just two 43 Cardoza Publishing • Daniel Negreanu and a half to three times the big blind. Why? It's simple. A more skilled player makes better decisions after the flop than does a novice. So, as a beginning player, you want to see fewer flops for that very reason. Try not to let a more experienced player get to the flop because his skill advantage will then come into play. Your edge, as a rookie, will come from starting with stronger hands and betting them more aggressively before the flop.

If you just sit there and wait for A-A or K-K, you'll end up anteing yourself to death! 46 Hold'em Wisdom for All Players 2. You'll b e c o m e t o o predictable. If everyone sees that you aren't playing very many hands, they'll know when you do enter a pot that you have a monster. Thus, if they have marginal hands, they won't give you the action you desire. 3. N o one will fear you. If your opponents pick up on the fact that you're playing very conservatively, they will repeatedly attack your blinds knowing that you won't call unless you happen to have a strong hand.

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