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By Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, F.D. Dallenbach

Even though the aim and scope of this monograph stay unchanged, i've been obliged to revise and rewrite many sections to maintain speed with the hot development in wisdom of endometrial pathology and body structure. New wisdom emanates from each sector, engendered by means of greater meth­ ods of analysis in almost each subspecialty, through exemplary cooperation among disciplines, and particularly by means of the trade of principles the world over. nonetheless, of ailments is everchanging. a few, as soon as universal, turn into infrequent or perhaps disappear. Others without notice seem, distinctive and formerly unknown. elevated sturdiness, smooth methods of residing and new tools of deal with­ ment have changed or augmented the scientific and diagnostic difficulties confront­ ing us. for this reason, remedy with hormones and intrauterine birth control re­ ceive targeted awareness, commensurate with the significance afforded them at the present time. less than the principle "nil nocere," the just about limitless makes use of for those brokers warrant that their results be conscientiously monitored through detailed morphological stud­ ies, a prerequisite that succeeds purely while clinician and pathologist cooperate heavily. The sections on strategies for acquiring endometrial tissue, on steroid receptors, on practical disturbances, and on spontaneous abortion were replaced or extended to include new evidence from fresh discoveries that now seem major. simply time, notwithstanding, will turn out their real price. a lot of old curiosity within the textual content has been left intact, for "who desires to learn into the long run, needs to seek advice the earlier" (Andre Malraux).

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The lining endothelial cells, originally flat, swell and soon contain large, vesicular nuclei (KELLER, 1911). Electronmicroscopically they disclose a well-developed Golgi apparatus, abundant ergastoplasm, free ribosomes, mitochondria, and pinocytotic vesicles (ANCLA and DE BRUX, 1964). Ultimately the endometrial granulocytes aggregate to form broad mantles about the spiral arterioles. In addition to the changes induced by the humoral stimulation, the spiral arterioles located beneath the implanting blastocyst undergo marked hypertrophy.

1959; CARTIER and MORICARD, 1959; WESSEL, 1960; WETZSTEIN and WAGNER, 1960; DUBRAUSZKY and POHLMANN, 1961; GOMPEL, 1962, 1964; THEMANN and SCHUNKE, 1963; MORICARD and MORICARD, 1964; MORICARD, 1966; WYNN and HARRIS, 1967; WYNN and WOOLLEY, 1967) indicate the cytoplasm, especially that of the basal parts of the cells, contains abundant ribosomes, some bound to endoplasmic membranes, some free. Towards the end of the proliferative phase the Golgi complex located above the nucleus becomes visible with secretory granules (probably acid phosphatases; NILSSON, 1962).

7b). When progesterone decreases and the liberation of relaxin follows, the reticulum fibers disintegrate, at first locally where the granulocytes are located (Fig. 8 a), then shortly thereafter throughout the entire compacta. As a result, the glands separate from the stroma and the stromal cells dissociate from one another. As long as the corpus luteum continues to produce progesterone, however, the reticulum fibers remain intact; in young decidua they form a dense fibrous network. The fibers undergo dissolution only about the site of implantation of the blastocyst where granulocytes accumulate.

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