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The total advisor for game-winning baserunning suggestions and winning base stealing counsel.

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It is in this fourth dimension of offense, however, that ball clubs are sometimes inadequately preparedand many coaches will freely admit it. Ardent fans know it, too. Yet, extra knowledge and skill in this area can give the offensive team just the polish and edge it often needs to win. Players working together on the bases as a team, or the batter and one or more runners coordinating their effortsthis is what I mean by the missing dimension in baseball today. In the first few decades of the game, team running played a nominal role.

In 1845, stealing played little if any role in the original sport Alexander Cartwright derived from the British game of rounders. But by 1890, the National League had developed and established the rules and regulations we use today. The result of much experimentation, these rules reflect the attainment of a nearly perfect balance between offense and defense. As defense improved over the initial three or four decades of the game, baserunning became more and more important. As the sport evolved and rules tightened, coaches and players developed several plays to advance runners without the help of the batter's skill or luck in hitting the ball.

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