Download Haunted Halls of Eveningstar (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy by Ed Greenwood PDF

By Ed Greenwood

Regardless of a number of infiltrations, the Halls haven't but yielded all their secrets and techniques or treasures. Many risks lurk as lethal as ever in darkish chambers herein, waiting for new businesses of eager-eyed adventurers.

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Luxury rooms. Identical to #18 except for fireplace. 20. Rooms where PCs and other NPCs may lodge. Third Floor Not shown. Layout matches 2nd floor, except that the center storage closet has a hatch in its ceiling allowing access to the roof. Stables The inn has no stable, but rents stalls in the stable across the road to the west for the convenience of guests. Ground Floor Second Floor Cellar The cellars are old, damp (the river is near), and lined with stone. They are filled with casks of wine and beer, some larger than a man.

Ecology: These cute, mischievous little terrors are semiwild and thought to be the result of some long-past wizardly experimentation. They are known to live twenty years or more if they do not meet with misadventure, and are free to take shelter from, or fly away from, the worst winter weather. Tressym mate as often as normal cats and do not mate for life. They sometimes mate with normal cats, with whom they are fertile, but only 10% of such young will be tressym; the rest will be wingless. Tressym are quite intelligent and have been known to form strong friendships (and hatreds) with creatures of other races, such as humans and elves.

Back room; storage of liquor and specialty items. Stairs at south end lead to cellars (not shown). 13. Men’s toilet. 14. Women's toilet. Second Floor 15. Wide stairway leading from ground floor. 16. Stairway to 3rd floor. 17. Walk-in storage areas for linens, chamberpots, water casks, candles, lamps, and so on. 18. Guest rooms. All have a bed, storage chest, sideboard with chair and ewer of water, wash bowl, clothes rack, lamp, and chamberpot. 19. Luxury rooms. Identical to #18 except for fireplace.

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