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It’s simple, unsophisticated and it works – for anybody. IN A NUTSHELL No one has to stay stuck. If you are serious, you can change old patterns. You’re a human being – you’re not a tree. 45 3. Laws of Life Self-Talk I knew a guy called Peter. He was forever telling people, “Everything I earn goes to pay bills”. He was like a parrot! And no surprise... he was always broke! Your language shapes your life. If you tell people you are always broke, you will likely stay broke. If you expect to forget, you will forget!

IN A NUTSHELL With both physical and emotional pain, when we keep doing the same thing, it keeps hurting! 43 3. Laws of Life Patterns Some people are always broke! They win the lottery, and before you know it they need a bank loan to buy a hamburger. Some people are always late! 15 they are still searching the house for car keys and brushing their teeth! Some people make friends wherever they go. Some people make money wherever they go. Some people always get sick on vacation. Why? Because we have subconscious “patterns” of behavior.

Coincidence? Not really. Your mind is a magnet. Happy people attract other happy people. Positive thinkers attract opportunities. Crooks attract crooks. Thoughts might be invisible but they are REAL THINGS – just like electricity or gravity. And thought energy obeys natural laws. If radio waves and TV signals can travel huge distances – through bricks and concrete – why not thoughts? Your brain is at least as amazing as any TV transmitter. A thousand books have been written on the power of thought.

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