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Englm. in Synops. Cact. 1. MAM. WRIGHTII, Englm. in Rep. of Bound. : Flowers and fruit were unknown until specimens brought from the Pecos flowered in Washington. From these the following description was drawn: "Sepalis exterioribus triangularibus obtusiusculis fimbriatis sub-13, interioribus margine petaloideis acutis sub-8, petalis (purpureis) lanceolatis acuminatis aristatis sub-12; bacca succosa majuscula purpurascente floris rudimentis coronata ; seminibus o'bovatis basi acutis scrobiculatis nigris.

This error probably resulted from the drawing having been made from dried specimens, rather than from nature. The tree is only to be found at an elevation of some four or five thousand feet above the level of the sea, in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. I found it fifteen or twenty miles southeast of Sonora, on the head-waters of the Stanislaus and Tuolumne rivers, (both of which are considerable affluents of the San Joaquin,) south of 3$c north latitude; and ' also on the head-waters of the Calaveras and Mokelumne rivers, in juxtaposition with the Washingtonia.

C. Parry saw it. Both took it for the New Mexican E. Wislizeni, to which, indeed, it bears a great resemblance in habit as well as in botanical characters, but the seed that I received from the first-named gentleman at once satisfied me that I had a distinct species before me. Subsequently Dr Bigelow met with this remarkable plant, abundantly, from the Cactus Pass, at the head waters of Williams' r ver, down this stream to the Colorado, and west of it till E. ) It grows on rocky or gravelly plains and ravines, and often in crevices of perpendicular rocks, to the height sometimes of 5 feet by 2 feet diameter.

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