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By Leo Tolstoy, Alymer Maude, Azar Nafisi

In 1851 Leo Tolstoy enlisted within the Russian military and used to be despatched to the Caucasus to aid defeat the Chechens. in this warfare a very good Avar chieftain, Hadji Mur?d, broke with the Chechen chief Shamil and fled to the Russians for defense. Months later, whereas trying to rescue his kinfolk from Shamil’s criminal, Hadji Mur?d was once pursued by way of these he had betrayed and, after combating the main heroic conflict of his existence, used to be killed.Tolstoy, witness to a number of the occasions resulting in Hadji Mur?d’s demise, set down this tale with painstaking accuracy to maintain for destiny generations the horror, the Aristocracy, and destruction inherent in warfare.

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Vorontsóv at once offered the watch to Hadji Murád. The latter placed his hand on his breast and took the watch. Several times he touched the spring, listened, and nodded his head approvingly. After dinner, Meller-Zakomélsky's aide-de-camp was announced. The aide-de-camp informed the Prince that the General, having heard of Hadji Muráďs arrival, was highly displeased that this had not been reported to him, and required Hadji Murád to be brought to him without delay. Vorontsóv replied that the General's command should be obeyed; and through the interpreter he informed Hadji Murád of these orders, and asked him to go to Meller with him.

Said Vorontsóv, smiling. " "Well, of course. " These words of the Prince's set the tone for the further conversation. The courtiers understood that the more importance was attributed to Hadji Murád the better pleased the Prince would be. "The man's audacity is amazing. " An Armenian sitting at the end of the table, who had been in Temir Khan Shurá at the time, related the particulars of that exploit of Hadji Muráďs. In fact, only Hadji Murád was talked about during the whole dinner. Everybody in succession praised his courage, his ability, and his magnanimity.

Why, a skirmishing party attacked our advanced line," Poltorátsky answered. " "Yes, it's a great pity. " "Seriously, I believe ... " Vorontsóv asked. " 34 "His envoy came to me yesterday," said Vorontsóv, with difficulty repressing a smile of joy. "He will be waiting for me at the Shalín glade in a few minutes. " "I understand," said Poltorátsky, lifting his hand to his cap, and rode back to his company. He led the sharpshooters to the right himself, and ordered the sergeant-major to do the same on the left side.

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