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By Sean Punch

GURPS Compendium II is stuffed with fabric from ratings of GURPS worldbooks released within the final 8 years - lots of them out of print - approximately the right way to run a greater GURPS online game, tips on how to deal with roleplaying difficulties that arise (some common, a few specific to GURPS), multiplied ideas for personality strive against, harm and sickness, mass strive against, spaceship strive against, and lots more and plenty, a lot, extra!

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Best nonfiction_5 books

Wolf to the Slaughter (Chief Inspector Wexford Mysteries)

It used to be greater than a inn, this nameless room on a secluded facet road of a small kingdom city. No sign in to signal, no questions requested, and for 5 greenbacks a guy can have 3 hours of undisturbed, illicit lovemaking. Then one night a guy with a knife grew to become the affection nest right into a loss of life chamber.

A night in the Netherhells - (The third book in the Ebenezum series)

The realization to the paranormal Ebenezum trilogy. "Gardener skewers the entire cliches of quest-fantasy with wit, variety, mordant irony and nice glee-this sequence might have been serialized in nationwide Lampoon or filmed by means of one of many Pythons! " (Spider Robinson)

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Dah-Dau (Horse-Cutter) (TL3): A Chinese polearm. This edged staff or halberd is very similar to the Japanese naginata (see below). Size and weight vary widely. Archery Gear (Continued) Flaming Arrow (TL1): Flaming arrows are made by wrapping oil- or fat-soaked cloth or grasses around the shaft just behind the arrowhead. They are -2 to skill. A flaming arrow does ordinary damage plus 1 point for the flame. The chance of the flame spreading depends on what the arrow strikes (see pp. B129-130). Frog-Crotch (TL3): Used to demonstrate the precision of the archer's aim.

Concertina wire is free-standing, and can be easily curved to form an enclosure or defend an odd-shaped area. The strand is usually held in place by wiring it to tent stakes driven into the ground. A pair of heavy, quilted gloves with palms and fingers protected by steel rivets are required to deploy concertina wire. The gloves cost $50 and weigh 2 lbs. per pair. It takes one man-minute per hex to deploy concertina wire. If protective gloves are not available, it takes five manminutes per hex to deploy the wire, and each person working on the wire will take ld-3 points of damage per strand deployed.

Damage 1d+2. SPEAR (DX~5 or Staff-2); p. B52 Firearms Accessories (Continued) Scopes Scopes are rated by power of magnification. A 4x scope increases the apparent size of the target by four, a 6x scope by six. High-powered scopes make it easier to see the target. The narrower field of view, however, makes it harder to acquire the target in the first place. The magnification makes the target apparently bigger, but it also makes the apparent wobble of the sight picture larger. Aim can actually be harder, especially from an unbraced position.

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