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By Graham Staplehurst, Terry K. Amthor, Peter C. Fenlon

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Clawed Bracers. Gaurhir Melee OB Missile 98qs 102cv Mov/ Man OB Notes 40 ~ Demonic Werewolf Mage 5 68xb Scara-hai Warrior Abbreviations: cleaver Ln - knife ob - or-bukar. Orcish clawed mace cv - The Scara-hai are called the Orcs of the Green Claw, and this is the symbol their warriors bear on their breastplates. However, the name is also descriptive of their appearance when they assume wolfform, since their eyes glow an iridescent green and their teeth, pelt and claws all take on a greenish hue.

There is no door between the stairhall and the foyer. An invisible barrier, like that Sauron placed by the Silent Watchers at Cirith Ungol, bars the way. Other than Gaurhir and his invited guests, only those making a 15th level RR (against Essence magic) can pass the barrier. Should anyone pierce the barrier, Gaurhir will be aware of the fact regardless of his location. 23. Gaurhir's Suite. Gaurhir has no servants, for he trusts none. H e leaves his rooms to feed, consuming live prey (typically prisoners or Ocs), and to issue commands to the Angdraug or the Scara-hai commanders.

The process of transformation is relatively quick, taking only thirty seconds from the donning of the enchanted wolfskin. However, the enchanting takes an hour, and requires elaborate ritual procedures. Each Scara-hai has his own wolfskin with which he is initiated and although it can be replaced, the individual usually protects it with a ferocity second only to his own life - and sometimes even more. Once transformed, the wolfform can be kept for up to 6 hours. During this time, the Scara-hai retains his intelligence (such as it is) but gains the benefits of the senses of a Warg and also its savage bite.

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