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By Vedrenne G., Atteia J.-L.

Considering the fact that their discovery used to be first introduced in 1973, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) were one of the so much fascination items within the universe. whereas the preliminary secret has long past, the fascination maintains, sustained by means of the shut connection linking GRBs with probably the most basic themes in glossy astrophysics and cosmology. either authors were energetic in GRB observations for over twenty years and feature produced a good account on either the background and the views of GRB learn.

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2. Light-curves of GRBs: some examples of their diversity. The upper panel (a) shows the light-curves of GRB 790613, GRB780918, and GRB 820313A detected by the detectors of the Franco-Soviet SIGNE collaboration on the Venera Venus probes (Hurley 1989a). The lower panel (b) displays a GRB without ®ne time structure, GRB 830801B (Kuznetsov et al. 1986). (b) 3 4 The early times [Ch. 3. The possible bimodal distribution of GRB durations was evidenced by the ®rst experiments (Mazets et al. 1981b). e€ect will be later quanti®ed with BATSE (the Burst and Transient Source Experiment on the Gamma-Ray ObservatoryÐGRO).

In the 1980s the comparison of these possible processes with the observations seemed to rule out several emission mechanisms, including bremsstrahlung and inverse Compton scattering from a shock. They appeared consistent with inverse Compton scattering o€ a thermal distribution of hot electrons, with thermal synchrotron emission, and possibly with synchrotron emission from a power law distribution of ultrarelativistic electrons. Later, Lamb 10 The early times [Ch. 7. Spectral evolution in a wellstructured GRB 781119 observed with the SIGNE experiments onboard Venera 12 and 11 (Vedrenne 1981).

To close this chapter some recent results on short GRBs are presented, emphasizing the few discoveries of short GRB afterglows which seem to indicate that short GRBs and long GRBs have di€erent progenitors and that short GRBs might be associated with the coalescence of compact objects. This conclusion still has to be considered with caution, given the small size of the short GRB sample. In Chapter 9, before a short conclusion, we have chosen to address three topics that, in our opinion, complete the previous chapters.

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