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Serious gambling problems have the potential to last into adulthood. The types of programs for gambling addictions vary. They are broken down into two categories: outpatient and inpatient. If you are an outpatient, you will stay at home and visit your therapist or group. Outpatient programs consist of counseling sessions or group meetings offered by organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous. If you’re being treated as an inpatient, you will live in a treatment facility for a number of weeks. A variety of in-house programs are available in the United States and Canada.

What do you say? Here are some suggestions to get the conversation started. • “You are my best friend and I really care about you. ” Listening and being supportive are important when helping a friend work through a gambling problem. • “When we went out last night, I know you only meant to spend $40. I know you borrowed money from someone and lost $200. ” • “You need to set limits when you gamble. ” 40 Group counseling sessions are a good way to beat a gambling addiction. Treatment and Recovery The sooner you seek help, the greater the chance you have of kicking the habit.

Gambling addiction can also lead to lying, stealing, or other dangerous activities that could lead to jail time. At what age do most kids start gambling? A: Researchers say that most youth gamblers begin around the age of 10. The earlier gambling starts, the more likely you’ll become a problem gambler. Are there mental health problems associated with problem gambling? A: Yes. A study in New York state shows that 76 percent of all gamblers suffer from depression. It also seems that gambling addicts are more likely to commit suicide than any other addictive group.

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