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By Linda Lael Miller

As senator's aide Neely Wallace turns into towards captivating and reclusive millionaire Aidan Tremayne, she discovers the darkish mystery that Aidan has been residing with for hundreds of years: that he's a vampire.

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Leave this house, Tremayne. Go on about your business, whatever it is. ​ Desperation filled Aidan, along with a certain fragile elation. The Brotherhood existed, and he would be given audience only on the approval​perhaps the whim​of these mysterious elders. Still, the fellowship might well possess the knowledge he needed, the secret that would set him free. He must bide his time and be patient. He started toward the doorway. ​I will be back again tomorrow night to look in on Valerian,​ he said in passing.

It all flooded back, the unbelievable lovemaking, his convincing claim that he was a vampire, all of it. She gasped, stiffening beneath the covers. Aidan had wrapped her in his cape, and by some incomprehensible magic he had brought her here. That was it. Aidan must be a magician, and a very good one at that. She began to make a case for her theory, in the courtroom of her mind. Yes, she was in his house in Connecticut, not a mile from the Lakeview Truck Stop, and she had no memory of making the trip; those were undeniable facts.

He crossed the room on the impetuous of that thought, grasped a throat in either hand, and pressed his struggling captives to the wall. ​Y ou may want to rethink this whole matter,​ he instructed politely. ​ The thugs stared at him, mute with confusion. They were strong in a bullish sort of way and must have wondered why a lone man could render them powerless so easily. ​ one of them managed to croak out. Aidan showed his fangs then, although he personally thought it was a touch melodramatic​more Valerian​s style than his own.

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