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Once the fl ashing is seated, the system’s sheet membrane can be installed, fi rst in the floor area, then on the walls. With all curb showers, a 24-hour (minimum) water test is advised. FCI by locating the lower drain half below the top of the slab and using a mold (supplied by the drain fl ashing Sources: Sloped floor panels, bonding flange drain – Schluter Company Liquid-applied membrane – Bonsal B-6000 Drain flashing, sheet membrane – The Noble Company Photo 12 Photo 14 Photo 12: Next, the membrane is installed over the flashing.

He works as an installer, inspector, consultant and expert witness. He is currently the instructor for the NALFA Installer Certification School. Since 1998, Anthony has been working as an installation instructor for Bayard Sales, a local Philadelphia flooring distributor, as well as for Pergo and Kahrs Wood Floors. May/June 2011 Photo 5 Photo 11 Photo 6 Photo 12 Photo 7 Photo 13 Photo 8 Photo 14 Photo 9 Photo 15 Photo 10 are typical. Always check with the flooring manufacturer for their requirements.

The weather strip works great to dam around drains or a radius. Next is the primer; this is where I have seen too many installers take the shortcut approach. A primer is needed for almost every SLU on the market; why? For a better bond, plain and simple. Here is a photo of a SLU failure due to no primer on the concrete substrate (Photo 7). Primers may be rolled with a 3/8 nap roller, broomed, or sprayed and broomed; follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedure, broom application (Photo 8). Some manufacturers may require a second coat and a dilution of water to primer depending on type or condition of substrate.

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