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Every jobsite that you are entrusted with is an extension of yourself. ” This is tougher to do than you might think. The reason you are in this position is because somehow you have already made the decision to set yourself apart. Usually, you do this by expecting more from yourself than others do. Now, you have to find a way to draw out of others what you have been giving all along. Most companies hire installation crews with which they are familiar. This can be very dangerous. When you find out that your “buddy” is not the installer you thought he was, what do you do?

Your reputation with your colleagues is very important. If you have been an honest person in your previous situation, this is known to others. Of course, the bottom line is the work. If you have work; installers will find you. Yet another trick is making certain that the crews are qualified. When I started, I made certain that anybody I hired would have to spend time on their knees with me. I thought this way I would be able to find out whether they knew what they were doing or not. As my business and reputation grew, I found that the best installers were seeking my company to work for rather than me seeking them.

Why should your premiums rise because installers do not maintain their trucks, causing them to catch fire on the interstate or get stolen at the gas station on the way to the jobsite? One of the first lessons I learned was to get it in writing. There needs to be an “agreement” signed by both you and the installers that designates the responsible party for all situations. This should cover everything from payday and pay amount to responsibilities and work ethic. The contractors or employees should understand both what to expect from you and your company.

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