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By Carl Sargent

The identify of the module refers back to the 5 Blades of Corusk, old magical swords which, in line with the legends of Greyhawk's Suloise barbarians, could be introduced jointly to be made much more robust.

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There are 70 orcs here with 10 sergeants (ES3 ) . These vary in size from a small rat-like lizard to larger brutes the size of ponies. They feed on fungi and moss, which grow in profusion within the cave, and also on fish which appear to be plentiful in the fairly deep but slow-moving stretch of underground waterway which lies to the west of the cave. Orcs use the lizards for meat and for their skins, and their eggs are an orcish delicacy. There is also a barracks holding 200 fighting orcs close by the passage to # l1.

They are from a clan of mountain dwarves, the Mergrund clan, and they have a small underground village not too far away (marked on the large fold-out map). They will certainly offer the PCs all the hospitality they can. The dwarves have no special members, save for a chieftain who is a 7th level fighter, and they cannot assist directly in attacking the orcs. There are some 120 dwarves in the clan and many thousands of orcs. The dwarves are not suicidal. But they will want to give the PCs all the help they can.

Caverns have a n average height of 30 + 2d10 feet, but this varies from place to place within a cavern. The central city cavern (# 14) has a n average ceiling height of 110’ rising to some 200’ in the middle of the cavern. Buildings and Description The details of city buildings, save for the Temple, are unimportant. The PCs are not going to be dealing with the quest by searching through orcish homes on an individual basis and the restriction of infravision use doesn’t allow them to get a grand panoramic vision anyway.

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