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Johnson asked. “Only the good ones,” Cantillon replied sourly, not knowing who the young man was. “Then I guess this is no place for me,” the tall stranger said. He picked up his suitcase and started to leave when Cantillon asked him who he was. ” The next day Johnson donned a Washington uniform to pitch batting practice to the Senators and the visiting White Sox. Cantillon told Johnson to take it easy, not to use too much speed. ” Players were missing the ball—this in bat- Damn Senators Mark Gauvreau Judge 33 ting practice—and began talking among themselves.

The furniture and contents of the house were twisted into shapes which would seem impossible to accomplish, and when the wreck had passed every member of the family except Mr. ] lay dead either in the yard or adjoining fields.... The bodies were found as far as 60 rods from the house, nearly stripped of clothes, bruised and broken. Sam Rice stayed by his father’s side for a week, but Charles Rice was devastated by the tragedy and died shortly after. For decades, Sam Rice would not speak of the catastrophe, not even to the woman he later married at the age of thirty-nine.

Damn Senators Mark Gauvreau Judge 51 By October 4, the Senators had been mathematically eliminated from winning the pennant. On that day they faced the Red Sox in a game that was strictly for laughs. Johnson played center field, and neither team kept very strict official scoring. The Senators’ right fielder, Germany Schaefer, spent most of the game in the infield or sitting on a Bull Durham sign in the outfield. At times Al Schacht lay down on the field and pretended to be sleeping. At the end of eight innings, the Senators were up 10–3 when a group of about a thousand soldiers who had come to the game demanded to see Johnson pitch.

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