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By Isaac Asimov

4 males and a girl are lowered to a microscopic fraction in their unique dimension, despatched in a miniaturized atomic sub via a death man's carotid artery to wreck a blood clot in his mind. in the event that they fail, the complete global may be doomed.

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He had to stay sober. ” Benes signified assent by a single long vertical movement of his head and a sober out-thrusting of his lower lips. “I kept offering him liquor. I said, here, Milan, a dusty throat is bad for a man, and he had to keep refusing, but with his heart in his eyes. ” Owens smiled and nodded. “But let’s get into the limousine and get down to Headquarters. We’ll have to show you around, first, and let everyone see you’re here. ” “Sixteen will do. But first,” he looked about anxiously.

He whispered. “Benes,” said General Carter, bleakly. ” “They got to him after all. Our fault. We live in an electronic age, Grant. Everything we do, we do with our transistorized servants in hand. Every enemy we have, we ward off by manipulating an electron flow. We had the route bugged in every possible way, but only for electronified enemies. ” “None. The man in the car died on the spot. The others were killed by our bullets. ” Grant looked down again. There was the look of blank emptiness on Benes’ face that one associated with deep sedation.

It’s coming along fine. ” “The agent in charge. I know him. With him in charge, I feel as safe as it is possible to feel, which isn’t much. ” “But I still worry. I tell you, Reid, there’s only one safe way of handling matters in this darned racket. You’ve got to believe They’re as smart as We are; that for every trick We’ve got, They’ve got a counter-trick; that for every man We’ve got planted on Their side, They’ve got one planted on Ours. ” “How can I? This thing now, this thing Benes is bringing with him, this new knowledge, may end the stalemate once and for all.

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